In-Office Zoom Whitening Special

We have a special offer coming up for our in-office Zoom whitening! If you need to bleach for the beach this is a great time to take advantage of our special pricing! Call us at 703-922-8440 to find out details and schedule your appointment today! Now is a great time to make your smile shine!

Now Is a Great Time To Schedule Your Spring Dental Cleaning!

Spring is finally here! It's time for your spring dental cleaning! This would be a great time to consider Invisalign to straighten your smile, or whitening your teeth with Zoom. Call our office and schedule an appointment today! Our 3D Dental Care team in Alexandria, VA, is ready to assist you with all of your dental care needs. We can... read more »

We Appreciate Your Vaccination Efforts!

It's so encouraging to hear an increasing number of our patients have gotten their vaccines. We truly appreciate our patients' support in following our office safety protocols, as well as, doing their part to keep our community safe and healthy. Our dentist, Dr. Ahmed Kamal at 3D Dental Care in Alexandria, VA, is here to help you create healthy smiles... read more »