Joe Cisneros

Dr. Kamal has been my primary dental provider for over that last 3 years. During this time , he has been nothing short of fantastic. He is very personable and has very genuine concern for your wellbeing. As an example, I recently had a tooth extracted and that following evening he personally reached out to see how I was doing and to ensure I was doing well. I appreciated the fact that he called personally when he could have easily had one of the staff call. Thank you... Dr. Kamal and the staff are truly great ! I highly recommend..Joe Cisneros

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How General Dentistry Uses Dental Sealants

How General Dentistry Uses Dental Sealants

In general dentistry, dental sealants can help ensure good dental health in children. The protective layer can also extend up to adulthood. This gives patients the opportunity to enjoy strong teeth without worrying about dental damage. If you want to know how general dentistry makes use of dental sealants, here are the details.Chewing and biting…

General Dentistry Myths

4 General Dentistry Myths

There are several myths about general dentistry out there. These misconceptions present a risk because they might prevent you from getting the proper dental care that you need. This article dispels a few common general dentistry myths so you can make the best decision about your dental health.Common misconceptions related to general dentistry include the…