CEREC-One Visit Dentistry

CEREC® One Visit Dentistry

When seeking restorative dental care, factors like convenience, efficiency, and durability all play deciding roles in selecting the best treatment for your smile. At the Alexandria dental office of Dr. Leo J. Rosenthal, we offer a number of restorative treatments that are personalized to meet your functional and aesthetic needs. By integrating CEREC® CAD/CAM technology, our patients are able to enjoy a beautiful, long-lasting restoration that blends in naturally with their smile.

What Is CEREC®?

Also known as the Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, CEREC® represents dental innovation at its finest. With this highly advanced restoration system, crowns, veneers, onlays, and inlays are designed and milled in-office, reducing the number of visits.


The process of receiving a CEREC® restoration is fairly simple. After determining the best restorative treatment, Dr. Rosenthal uses an intraoral camera to take digital impressions of the dentition. These images are then compiled to create a three-dimensional model of your teeth. This model is then used to design a porcelain restoration that precisely fits your tooth, ensuring long-term comfort and resilience. 

Once the restoration has been designed, the dimension are then sent to the in-office milling machine. Using high-quality porcelain, your crown, veneer, inlay or onlay is created to match your exact dimension. As the restoration is being made, the tooth is prepared. Once completed, the restoration is placed on the tooth and patients are free to return to their daily routines. 

The Benefits of CEREC®

There are a number of immediate and long-term advantages associated with CEREC®-made restorations. In addition to convenience, other benefits include:

Durability: CEREC® utilizes high-grade ceramic materials to create restorations that look, feel, and function just like the natural tooth. The use of these high quality materials ensures that patients are receiving highly resilient restorations that improve the overall function of their dentition  

Versatility: The technology utilized by CEREC® is also incredibly versatile and can be used to create a wide variety of restorative treatments that enhance the health and appearance of the tooth. In addition to creating dental crowns, CEREC® can also be utilized to create other single tooth restorations, such as veneers, inlays and onlays. 

Affordable: With CEREC®, patients gain access to convenient, state-of-the-art restorations that are also affordable. Many patients find the cost of CEREC® to be comparable to traditional restorative solutions both financially and functionally.

CEREC® Same Day Restorations in Alexandria

Dr. Rosenthal and his dental team strive to help patients discover treatments that contribute to their long-term oral health. With CEREC® same-day crowns, our patients receive long-term solutions that enhance the overall look, feel, and function of their smile. For more information about enhancing your smile with CEREC®, contact our Alexandria dental office today to schedule your CEREC® consultation


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