Leo J. Rosenthal has been the Reichardt family's dentist since 1998 when we moved into the Washington DC area. Leo's passion for dentistry and love for his patients makes us feel like his family. My daughter continues to schedule her regular check-ups with Leo's practice during her college breaks. She won't go anywhere else. Not only is Leo an outstanding dentist, but his staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Together, Leo and his staff provide outstanding dental service in a warm and caring environment.

John E. Reichardt

My wife and I have been going to Dr. Rosenthal since 1998. From our first visit we were not only impressed with him and his staff, but we were also impressed that he used top-of-the-line technology. Over the years he has performed root canals, installed crowns and implants along with extractions and general dentistry using state of the art technology. In every instance he and his staff have always been professional and their work exceeded our expectations. His skills are only enhanced by his warm friendly manner and genuine caring for his patients and he is always there when you need him. If you are looking for a top notch dentist who uses the newest technology and really cares about his patients, we recommend Dr. Rosenthal and his staff.

Dave and Lynda Orr

Dr. Rosenthal has been my trusted dentist for more than thirty years. He has stayed on the cutting edge of his profession and has provided me with excellent care. His staff embraces his approach to excellence and are always helpful and accommodating. I don't know a finer individual and feel fortunate to have been under his care for so long.

Jose "Pepe" Figueroa

I have been a patient of Dr. Leo Rosenthal for more than 35 years. I had many fillings that were breaking teeth because of severe night grinding. Dr. Rosenthal has put crowns on all of my teeth, except for a few in the lower front, but including the upper front that everybody sees when I smile. He has done an exquisite job with crowns, using the latest technology at every turn. I came in today because the crown on one of my lower molars came off, which Dr. Rosenthal predicted would happen when he put it on.

After consulting with me and offering alternatives, we agreed he should put posts in my tooth and replace the crown. I was amazed to watch a new process whereby the actual crown was designed and fabricated on-site, eliminating the previous process that included taking an impression with unpleasant putty, installing a temporary crown, waiting weeks until the permanent crown was fabricated by a separate firm and then another visit to remove the temporary and install the permanent crown. The new process involved a digital image, which I watched Dr. Rosenthal use to design the crown, and then installing the permanent crown.

One visit and a permanent solution for a difficult dental situation. Dr. Rosenthal is wonderful!

Ken Giese

Dr. Rosenthal and his staff have provided me comprehensive dental care for 25 years. As I got older, the cleanings, checkups and fillings progressed to root canals and crowns. I've also whitened and brightened and, very importantly, wear a fitted night guard that has saved a lot of wear and tear on my teeth. Friendly and knowledgeable, Dr. Rosenthal has always been there for me whatever the issue. I trust him; he cares.

Terri Lempke

As a long term patient of Dr. Rosenthal I would like to express my complete satisfaction for the over 30 years of excellent dentistry and premium service he has provided to myself and my family. Examples abound. From fixing another dentist's mistake, at no cost to me, to driving 100 miles on a Saturday to look at my daughter's painful orthodontic device that he had nothing to do with, also at no charge. By the way she was relieved of her pain and was very happy. I didn't get the same service form the Orthodontist whose notification service couldn't reach him.
Dr. Rosenthal is not only a dentist, he is an authority in his profession not only with his skill but his comprehensive customer service. He is a rare professional who excels at his trade because he genuinely enjoys it. It shows in his service to my family in need and more importantly in the routine matters he address with every visit. I am grateful to Dr. Rosenthal and his staff for the care that exceeds all expectations.

John Donohoe

The summer of 1983,1 received a flyer from a dentist, Leo J. Rosenthal, D.D.S., P.C. The flyer stated,
"We Cater to Cowards". I loved the humor in his advertisement. I was long overdue to see a dentist and his flyer gave me hope. Form the moment I walked into his office until this day, I am elated with the professionalism and caring of him and his staff. His expertise and love of his dentistry is unparalleled.
He has kept himself trained in the latest dental procedures/upgrades. Thirty-two years later and he/his staff making going to the dentist a positive experience.

Charlotte A. Jordan