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Replacing missing or severely damaged teeth with dental implants or implant-supported prostheses offers patients a number of immediate and long term advantages ranging from a more aesthetic smile to improved oral function and health. Given the complex nature of this treatment, receiving dental implants is a multi-phase process. These phases can be divided as the following:

During the initial consultation, advanced diagnostic tools are used to perform a comprehensive examination of the patient’s mouth, including the teeth, jaw bone and tissue. At our Alexandria dental implantpractice, Dr. Leo Rosenthal also utilizes cone beam computer tomography, also known as CBCT imaging. Unlike traditional x-rays, this technology is able to capture highly-detailed images of the dentition on three unique planes, allowing our implant dentist to identify discrepancies and points of concern in the patient’s smile.

Treatment Plan Development
The resulting images are then used to develop a comprehensive, strategic treatment plan.  Based on the condition of the smile, unique treatment plans can include preliminary treatments needed to prepare the dentition for successful implant placement. This can include bone grafting or ridge augmentation surgery to reinforce the health of the jaw bone or may include tooth extraction to remove the tooth that will be replaced with an implant.

Implant Placement
Once the jaw bone has been deemed healthy enough to support a dental implant, patients return to the dentist for implant placement. During this outpatient procedure, a hole is made in the jaw bone and the implant post is placed within the bone. Over the recovery period, the bone and post will slowly fuse together through the process of osseointegration. This naturally occurring process is critical to future implant success as it creates a solid foundation for the future implant restorations. Additionally, proper integration of the post helps to stimulate the jaw bone, encouraging healthy bone regeneration and preventing further deterioration of the bone.

Following the successful incorporation of the implant into the jaw bone, patients return to their dentist’s office for the restoration placement. Depending on the overall tooth replacement needs of the patient, restorations can vary from single unit crowns to extensive implant-supported dentures or hybrid dentures. At our Alexandria dental practice, same day CEREC crowns are a convenient option for patients requiring single crown implant restorations.

Schedule Your Implant Consultation Today

For many, dental implants are an excellent long-term solution for tooth loss or replacement, with many finding treatment to be well worth the investment. At our Alexandria dental practice, our implant dentisthas over 40 years of experience placing and restoring dental implants as independent restorations as well as part of larger full mouth rehabilitation treatment plans. For more information about dental implants and implant-supported restorations, contact Dr. Rosenthal today to schedule your consultation. 

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Compared to traditional restoration options, dental implantsoffer a number of unparalleled benefits, ranging from longevity to overall aesthetics. Advancements in implant dentistry have led to a number of improvements in regards to the placement procedure, improving the overall patient experience. 
Perhaps the most significant advancement is the development of versatile implant restorations. As a result, many patients previously considered ineligible for dental implants have been able to enjoy comprehensive teeth replacement solutions with this treatment.

With the expansion of available restoration options, identifying the right restoration option for your dentition can become an overwhelming experience. When considering your implant restoration, consider the following factors:

Condition of Your Dentition
Traditional dental implants require a certain amount of bone density in order to successfully place the implant. For patients that do not possess sufficient bone, preliminary treatments such as bone grafting and ridge augmentation may be required to prepare the bone for successful implant treatment. 

Similarly, some patients may require tooth extraction prior to treatment. Knowing whether you require these preliminary treatments can help ensure successful, consistent treatment as well as provide an accurate understanding of your treatment timeline.

Restoration Needs
The number of teeth that need to be replaced is another important factor. While ideal treatment should be conservative, if implants are being placed due to an infection that has spread to surrounding teeth, it may be worthwhile to consider replacing adjacent teeth that have been compromised. For patients considering multiple tooth replacement, implant-retained dentures, All-on-4 restorations, implant-supported bridges, and hybrid  dentures are viable, highly successful treatment options that comprehensively enhance dental function while improving overall oral aesthetics.

Time Commitment
Given that the success of implants is highly dependent on the correct integration of the implant post to the jaw bone, the entire implant procedure can be a lengthy process. However, certain eligible patients may be candidates for same-day implant placement and restoration which can drastically shorten the treatment timeframe. In Alexandria, Dr. Leo Rosenthal offers same-day dental implants using CEREC® CAD/CAM technology. With this innovative tool, crown and bridge restorations are created in office and attached to implant posts, eliminating the need for a return visit.

Dental Implants in Alexandria
Understanding your restoration needs is just part of the implant process. For more information about replacing missing or damaged teeth with dental implants, contact our Alexandria implant dentist today. With over 40 years of experience placing and restoring implants, Dr. Rosenthal offers a number of unique implant options at his state-of-the-art dental implant practice.

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Receiving a dental restoration can be a lengthy process. Often, many individuals do not have the time to accommodate the multiple dental visits associated with receiving a dental restoration. Luckily, same-day restorations have opened the door for streamlined restorative treatment. By integrating advanced technology into key phases of the treatment process, patients can now come in for their appointment and leave with a brand new smile.

Types of Same Day Restorations
Thanks to advanced CEREC CAD/CAM technology, dental restorations can be made in one visit. Each restoration is tailored to fulfill the patient’s oral health needs while improving the overall aesthetics and function of their smile. Same day restoration options can include:

Perhaps the most versatile treatment, crowns are frequently used to reinforce the structural integrity of a tooth that has been compromised by decay or trauma. Crowns may also be used as the restorative component for dental implants, covering the metal abutment to ensure a seamless looking dentition. At our Alexandria dental office, certain patients may be eligible for same-day implant placement and restoration.

CAD/CAM technology has also opened the door for same day veneer treatment. Often used to cover intrinsically stained, chipped, or externally damaged teeth, veneers can create a uniform, beautiful smile. Since the veneers are made of thin slices of porcelain, patients receive a highly resilient restoration.

As inlays require minimal dental preparation, this small restoration may present a more conservative option than crowns yet a more comprehensive solution than mere fillings. Since this restoration is made of highly durable porcelain, patients enjoy fully restored dental function.

Similar to inlays, porcelain onlays are an excellent restorative treatment for teeth that are not so damaged that they require a crown, yet for which a filling would not be a sufficient restoration. Unlike inlays, onlays are designed to restore one or more fractured cusps.

Dental Restorations in Alexandria

At the dental practice of Dr. Leo J. Rosenthal, our mission is to provide patients with exceptional care during each phase of the dental process. By integrating advanced technology into restorative treatments, patients receive comprehensive dental solutions that improve their long-term oral health and function. For more information about same day crowns and restorations in Alexandria, contact Dr. Rosenthal today. 

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The development of effective treatment plans relies heavily on the technology and diagnostic tools used to determine the condition of the patient’s dentition. Thanks to the integration of advanced dental technology into each phase of the dental treatment process, modern dental care does more than address dental maladies.

The Diagnostic Advantages of Dental Technology
 The utilization of dental technology to create comprehensive treatment plans begins in the diagnostic and analysis phase. Advanced tools such as digital x-rays and cone beam scanning are often used to provide the dentist with high quality digital images of the dentition, surrounding tissue, and bone. Given the incredible detail provided by these images, the dentist is able to better determine the best treatment plan for each patient, ensuring strategic and successful care.

These diagnostic tools also provide an educational benefit to patients. As the images are instantly available, patients are able to better understand the condition of their dentition. Additionally, the digital manipulation of the photos allows patients to better grasp how different treatments will affect their smiles. This improvement in patient education offers the opportunity for individuals to make more informed decisions about their dental care.

Dental Technology in Motion
The use of advanced technology during procedures also yields a number of benefits for both patients and dentists. For example, the use of soft tissue dental lasers in place of traditional surgical instruments not only provides dentists with a more precise, minimally invasive tool, but it also reduces post-operative pain and provides patients with accelerated recovery. Additionally, the versatility of the tool opens the door for a variety of procedures ranging from cold sore therapy to aesthetic gum recontouring.

Dental technology not only makes the procedural phase more comfortable – it also improves the patient experience by making treatment more convenient. In-office milling tools that utilize CAD/CAM technology help eliminate the need for temporary crown restoration yet provide patients with customized, lab-quality restorations. In cases where patients are receiving comprehensive treatment such as dental implants, CAD/CAM technology makes it possible for patients to undergo the entire placement and restoration process in just one day, eliminating the need for multiple visits.

Modern Dentistry in Alexandria
For over 40 years, Alexandria dentist Dr. Leo J. Rosenthalhas pioneered the integration of advanced dental technology into routine procedures. By utilizing modern tools at each phase of treatment, patients receive longer lasting results that contribute to the patient’s overall oral health and function. To learn more about the available dental technology, contact our Alexandria dental office today.  

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